Your Retirement Plan Solution

Process overview
IFN understands that, to attract and retain good employees, you need to offer a flexible retirement plan to meet your employee’s retirement needs. With proven retirement plan products, we can help you create and maintain a quality plan tailored specifically for your organization.

Committed to providing comprehensive services and platforms, we deliver plan features and options including:

  •         Diverse, extensive investment portfolio
  •         Full-service or investment-only service platforms
  •         Enrollment and education support
  •         Online plan and account access

Our retirement plan professionals provide consulting services to develop the solutions you want and assistance you need:

  •         Customized plan designs
  •         Fiduciary assistance
  •         Ongoing monitoring of plan design and administration
  •         Annual plan review
  •         Communications regarding legislative and regulatory updates

Throughout the retirement planning process, you need a strong partner by your side.

The Right Company. The Right Product.

The time is right to team up with IFN to design a retirement plan for you and your employees. We can help smooth the road to retirement for your employees – with a plan that fits your business needs.

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