Design: Customizing Your Retirement Plan

At IFN we help design the right plan, offering solutions you desire. Our experienced retirement plan professionals will assist you with the plan design process, guided by such plan goals as:

  •  Maximizing tax deductions
  •  Maximizing plan contributions
  •  Estimating retirement income needs
  •  Reducing costs

In today’s ever-changing workplace, plan flexibility is crucial. IFN presents a flexible approach to retirement plans by offering you administrative choices, such as:

  • Full–service platform: Both investment management and administrative duties of the retirement plan are handled
  • Investment-only platform: Only the investment management is handled, and administrative duties are handled by a Third Party Administrator (TPA) firm.

There are a number of factors to consider during the plan design process, including:

  •  Eligibility
  •  Vesting
  •  Retirement Age
  •  Tax Aspects
  • Contribution requirements

We can help you navigate all of those factors to design the plan that best meets your needs. Once your plan is designed, you’re ready for the next step – selecting your plan’s investments.

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