Select: Diverse Investment Platforms

The suite of retirement plan products offer distinctive features with a competitive edge. It provides a menu of portfolio options spanning the full risk-reward spectrum. Our range of fund types includes index and sector funds, as well as target-date and lifestyle portfolios.

It’s all about choice:

  •         More than 100 investment options
  •         Managed Volatility Portfolios
  •         Target-date and risk-based asset allocation platforms
  •         Stable Value, Fixed options available
  •         Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) Solution

Investment Portfolio Selection

Diverse Investment PortfolioSpanning the full risk-reward spectrum, the Advantage Series
Offers more than 100 diversified investment options from over 25 nationally known fund families, including:
Managed Volatility PortfoliosThese portfolios are designed to provide solutions for investing in today’s uneven markets by employing volatility management strategies.
Target-Date PortfoliosThese portfolios make investing simple. Target-date funds present age-based options tailored to each employee’s expected retirement date, the approximate date at which investors plan to begin withdrawing their money. They automatically rebalance, allowing for less risk as employees near retirement age. The principal value of these funds is not guaranteed at any time, including the target date.
Risk-Based PortfoliosRisk-based asset allocation portfolios are professionally managed funds providing diversified access to asset classes consistent with a particular risk profile. These profiles are actively managed with changing market conditions.
Stable Value or Fixed AccountThe Stable Value Fund includes fixed investment funds designed to preserve principal while providing steady, positive returns (principal is not guaranteed). The Fixed Account provides employees a high degree of stability by offering the guarantee of a fixed return for a specified period of time.


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